Tips and Tricks for Legal Debt Collections

Top-Debt-Collection-Defense-Tips-for-Homeowners-J.-Freeman-Law-FirmIf a customer owes your local business money, it’s hard not to feel angry, like you want to do anything possible to get your money back. But the days of going all out to collect on a debt over. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, designed to protect consumers from harassment or intimidation, sets firm limits on what you can do to collect a debt from a consumer. The federal debt collections law even prohibits practices that were once standard, and that you might not consider harassment at all.

Besides, as a local business, you have an even more powerful reason to be especially careful about legal debt collection issues. You have something much more valuable at stake than a lawsuit: your business’s reputation in the community.

Legal Debt Collection Best Practices

There are plenty of articles on the web that lay out in plain English what the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act says you can and cannot do. Just to give you some idea of the law’s requirements, here are some of the biggest:

* No telling any third party about the debt (except collection

How to Be a Successful Lawyer

Businessman writing testament at notary public office

Lawyers have a responsibility to guide their clients through the legal system with both skill and tact. A good lawyer can make all the difference in a client’s case. There are a number of different attributes that it takes to be a successful lawyer. However, the success of a lawyer also depends on how one to chooses to measure success.

Part 1 Knowing the Law

1. Know your information. Keep yourself up-to-date on your area of law. Be aware of new developments, as laws and rules often change and new cases are being decided every day. States introduce new legislation that affect your area of law practice every day. Federal laws also regularly change.

2. Conduct research when needed. If you have a non-routine case involving issues that you have not dealt with before, take the time to do the legal research and find the answers. Don’t assume that you know everything, even if you have practiced in the same area of the law for several years. New issues and cases arise every day, and you have to do the research to find the

Six Legal Accounting Tips For Your Firm


With all of this in mind here are six tips all practices should be mindful of whether they are large or small. Failing to be mindful of these six tips could seal a firm’s fate like Denny Crane and Ed Stevens. But instead of cancellation, the real world penalty is often disbarment.

  1. Legal practices should employ the use of legal accounting software opposed to general purpose accounting software. Firms that utilize general purpose accounting software will not be able to easily remain compliant while using an out of the box software solution made for general accounting. If a firm were to be successful in doing this, it would require multiple rounds of customization. The process of customizing business accounting software would cost both time and money. The finished product would be far from simple to operate too and would make it more complicated to use and require a higher level of expertise by the bookkeeper or whomever is entering the data. Everyday diligence becomes necessary to ensure transactions are posted correctly. The software must also have customized reports that meet both management needs and

Process Service: Asset Searches

If you want your law office to prosper you need to hire individuals who can help you accomplish the legal procedures required for legal matters. One that you will need to hire and is indispensible to the team is a process server marietta ga. You may say that hiring one is not needed as a county sheriff can do the job. But then due to the large volumes of tasks on a sheriff’s hand, they can no longer serve process efficiently. This can take a toll on your office as there will be an expected lag in the processes to be carried out before a lawsuit can progress. Thus, the need to hire a process server arises.

Local Law Firm McDonald Worley Offers Free Q/A Consultation For Accident Victims


(Houston, TX)–According to recent statistics released by the TXDOT, Houston leads the state in number of automobile crashes with close to 40,000 per year. The next two closest cities in numbers, San Antonio and Dallas, trailed far behind with approximately 28,000 and 23,000 respectively.  Nearly 200 of these wrecks were fatal crashes that resulted in the deaths of passengers. Furthermore, approximately 4,000 more crashes were reported as serious collisions causing serious injuries to nearly 6,000 victims.

For many accident victims, the number of questions they have after an accident are many and the confusion is real. According to Houston area native attorney Donald Worley, a consultation with an attorney experienced in personal injury cases after the shock has worn off is a good idea. Says Worley, “After a wreck, we urge victims to contact our office as soon as possible so we can begin work on the case before the insurance company has a chance to skew any of of the evidence in its favor. Insurance companies do not want you to contact an auto accident injury attorney because the attorney can preserve the evidence and advise you of your recovery options.”

The problem, however, states Worley, of McDonald Worley

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Benefits of Obtaining Legal Help When Seeking Social Security Disability Benefits

Social security disability insurance benefits are given to individuals who have been disabled in their line of work. People who are unable to work due to a physical or mental impairment can apply for these benefits, and if accepted, the individual will receive monthly payments from the government. However, due to the high qualification standards set, most claims end up being denied. As such, you will want to give yourself the best chances of success by consulting a legal expert.

Obtaining legal help can maximize your chances of getting the benefits you deserve. It can be tough to prove that you were actually impaired on-the-job without a knowledgeable social security disability lawyer. Failure to provide sufficient medical evidence to substantiate one’s disability is the primary reason most claims are denied. The services of a social security disability attorney are imperative to help you prove that you have been unable to get gainful employment as a result of physical health problems or mental impairment and ensure you are considered for disability insurance.

Although having your initial claim denied can be disappointing, you can qualify for the social security disability

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What to Do When Offered a Small Settlement

You can know how much compensation to demand from the party that caused your injuries after going through your medical documents and receipts of others costs. Your lawyer can help you write a demand letter indicating how the accident happened and the amount of compensation you need.

In most cases, the insurance company will respond with a counter offer. The insurance company will usually propose a lower settlement than you initially ask for after investigating the evidence of your case. You should not panic nor accept the smaller counter settlement the insurance company may have offered. This is usually expected of insurance companies as they would not want to offer a large settlement and hence go at a loss. This is what you should do instead of accepting the counter offer:

i) Analyze the offer when you are calm
The outcome of your case will depend on whether or not you accept the offer of the insurance company. Therefore, before responding to the offer, think carefully. Regardless of how low the offer is, do not give in to the urge to respond in outrage or any other emotion. Remain professional at

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Crucial Things to Consider when Choosing a Divorce Attorney

There’s actually a big level of stress and also anxiety that will be dealt with if a family is charged with the unenviable task of filing a divorce. It is really important that you choose for a divorce attorney which will be able to fit in well. To be an effective advocate, the lawyer should work closely not just with you, but also with other family members. There are also four steps which you could take which is able to go a long way in helping you to choose the right divorce attorney to fit to your needs.

The first thing is to where you have to gain referrals at first which comes from other professionals. The best place actually is where you start to create a short-list of your potential divorce attorney would actually be through referrals that comes from professionals that mostly works with lawyers. This actually includes accountants, therapists, clergy members and also from other lawyers. Also, these people will be able to give you with great insights for the attorney’s reputation and give you with the introduction to get started.

You likewise need to be

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Guidelines To Help You Determine The Need For A Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Many people believe that some situations are caused by medical malpractices and that they need to claim for something if these happen, so a medical malpractice lawyer in areas like Long Island might help them with their needs.

Nowadays, there have been various advancements in science and technology that have enabled people to explore on new frontiers mostly unimaginable. But with all these feats come calamities and tragedies that in turn urge doctors and other medical professionals to commit mistakes and cause injury more than treatment. Most of the time, these situations call for the specific doctor to replace the damages in financial aspects usually and compensate for all the damages incurred. To get you the best of legal aid and assistance of such as complex matter, there are medical malpractice lawyers in areas like Long Island who can help you with the case. The legal advice that Long Island medical malpractice lawyers can provide for instance are unlike any other resource that can be made available. If you are looking for such legal advice, the best persons are the medical malpractice lawyers.

Examination Of The Situation After

Miami Lawyers 360 Introduce Free Advice Consultations To Accident Victims


(Miami, FL)–In Miami Dade County, Florida, automobile traffic collisions traditionally average nearly 50,000 every year, with the Miam-Dade Health Department records showing three zip codes within Miami-Dade County regularly have the highest percentages of traffic fatalities. These were the zip codes for Opa-Locka and part of Miami Gardens (33054); Aladdin City (33187); and Florida City (33034). According to local industry experts, distracted drivers are increasingly at fault for many of these car accidents, leading victims to seek compensation for their injuries.

In light of these alarming statistics, Miami Lawyers 360, a local personal injury law firm focusing on cases of neglect and malpractice, recently announced free consultation services to victims of auto accidents and other personal injury situations. According to Enrique Percival, spokesperson for the firm, while car accidents are not the only ways personal injury cases can arrise, they are the most common. Says Percival, “The most common examples of personal injury cases include car accident/injury claims, medical malpractice claims, premises liability claims (such as slip-and-falls), products liability cases and workplace injury cases. To help local Miami victims, we now offer a free consultation to anyone who feels they may have a case which requires compensation.”

Percival emphasizes

What Research About Lawyers Can Teach You

Helpful Suggestions For People Who Want to Retain Workers Compensation Attorneys

There are a vast array of accidents that can cause a person’s life to be turned upside-down in an instant. Nobody starts his or her day expecting to be injured in an incident, but unfortunately, these things sometimes happen. If you recently found yourself wounded in the aftermath of an accident that happened at your current job site, you will undoubtedly benefit from hiring a workers compensation lawyer as fast as you’re able to. You will learn more about selecting the ideal legal counselor for your needs below.

In this day and age, the world of of personal injury law is comprised of numerous areas of specialization. Workers compensation law falls into this category. There are some important issues you ought to spend time evaluating in advance of choosing a particular legal specialist to represent your interests during this difficult period of your life. The next few paragraphs detail just a small selection of these. Remember, though, no two plaintiffs go through exactly the same selection process, so you may not require all of the advice that you see here.

Decide Whether or Not You Require the Aid

De Bruin Law Firm Launches New Website Providing Education On Legal Topics


(Greenville, SC)—Whether it’s a criminal trial or a civil litigation matter, having quality legal representation is key in any case. Not only will an attorney use their knowledge of the law to fight for their client’s rights, but they’ll also thoroughly educate their client on what they need to know about the legal process. Consequently, having help from an attorney can significantly increase a person’s chance of getting a favorable outcome.

It is with this in mind that De Bruin Law Firm is announcing the launch of their new website. The purpose of this new site is to educate South Carolina citizens about the laws surrounding estate planning, criminal defense, criminal domestic violence, drug defense, real estate and business matters. The site will have information, articles, and videos related to these types of cases as well as other areas.

Aaron De Bruin, one of the experienced attorneys at the helm of the firm, stated “Our mission is to take care of our clients in the best possible way. We realize that one of the most important things we can do for them is to educate them on how to handle the circumstances that pertain to their case. That is exactly

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The Best Way To Employ A Good Lawyer

Today, when we are facing legalities, looking for a lawyer is not that hard since a lot of lawyers are available on every community we live in. There are statistical reports showing that every continent holds over forty to fifty thousand law practitioners world wide. Since the number of lawyers are very large, finding the right one can prove to be very difficult and getting a good lawyer to handle your legal problems is not going to be as easy to do as you might think it is.

To correctly find a good lawyer capable of handling your legal needs, there are several ways that you can employ at your advantage. A word of advice though, before looking for a good lawyer, you first must be able to comprehend what your legal problem really is. It is very important that you have a clear understanding on the legalities that you are facing right now as you will be basing the type of lawyer that you are going to hire base in this.

The word of mouth is still one of the best means to finding a good lawyer to help you with

The Beginners Guide To Attorneys (Finding The Starting Point)

The Benefits of Availing Services from Professional Criminal Lawyers for Defense

The criminal lawyers are the professionals who take time to study and understand the cases involving companies or people who have criminal allegations in their names. The major aim of the prominent criminal lawyers is to assist their customers form such legal defenses that are strategic so that there will be little to no chances at all of losing the case. Considering all the criminal cases charged to the person, if you will consider hiring a top-notch criminal lawyer all your money will certainly pay off respective of the client.

The benefits of hiring criminal lawyers

The criminal lawyers are always prepared to assist their clients with any cases they have and no matter what kind of criminal offense they have done. You can assure that you will receive high quality service from these people because they are knowledgeable and experts in their chosen field. There are a number of 24/7 criminal law firms that will lead you to the best and right lawyers to the case that you are in right now.

The criminal defense lawyers will comprehensively study the case that you are involved in and try

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The Need for Legal Services

The businessowners are entering into negotiations, deals and contracts with the other businesses out there. To ensure that the business interests are protected, it is certainly the responsibility of the businessmen to search for a legal advice from the lawyers as well as the solicitors who are quite good in commercial legislation based on the country or state they belong. If one is a new business owner or a longtime entrepreneur or has a small or medium-sized business or perhaps a multinational company, then one would need some form of legal service.

A good lawyer will certainly take their time to find out about their individual requirements of the company that they represent. The attorney is going to listen to the interest of the business owners and will also work hard to make sure that the client is really pleased. They will then create a legal solution which can help the company to meet the goals in an easy and cheap way.

Prior to hiring a business lawyer, it is quite important to make sure that they are quite knowledgeable and also they are specializing in commercial law. The attorneys must be able to think

J. Robert Surface, Attorney At Law Announces New Disability Claims Website


(Greenville, SC)—The U.S. Social Security Administration reports that between 2001 and 2010, the rate of denied disability claims averaged nearly 53 percent. This means that year after year, more than half of the disabled population has been denied the benefits they are entitled to that would help them take care of their basic needs.

It is with these people in mind that J. Robert Surface, Attorney At Law is announcing his new website. The purpose of the site is to educate Greenville citizens about social security disability claims. The website will feature information, articles, and videos related to the social security disability filing process and help people understand what steps to take in the case of a denial.

J. Robert Surface, a South Carolina native, stated “Many people assume that they’ll never have to deal with disability, yet statistics show that a 20-year-old has a 1 in 4 chance of being disabled by the age of 67. Unfortunately, many people don’t find out until that time how difficult it can be to get the social security disability benefits the government owes them. While it seems like the process of getting the money they’ve paid into the system for so long

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A Guide To The Small Business Administration (SBA)

The Small Business Administration or SBA is there offering their services to potential small business enterprises in terms of providing for the loans that they need to help their business going through its beginning stages. What is SBA? The Small Business Administration is an agency started during the 1950’s designed to help American small businessmen in four key areas, namely, management, advocacy, procurement, and financial aid. The federal government is hands off with respect to the policies of this administration. Business loan programs, investment programs, disaster loan programs, and bonding for contractors, are the other services provided by the Small Business Administration for small businesses.

The SBA program that has benefited a lot of small businesses is the business loan program. So, for small businesses looking for funding sources for their business, one of the best options to take is the SBA which offers different programs to suit the needs of every small business.

SBA does not offer direct loans. The SBA will provide the small business guidelines in applying for a loan. The main thing that the SBA does is to vouch for your business that your loan will

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What Does a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Do?

In every profession, there are always risks and consequences involved. The medical field is perhaps the most risky profession of all.

Medical practitioners include doctors, nurses, caregivers, paramedics, and other health care providers. These medical practitioners are aware of the risks in the profession and they will be well off if they do their medical practice with extreme caution. One of the most tragic risks in the medical profession is medical malpractice.

If there is negligence or omission of the proper action towards a patient, a medical practitioner can be accused of medical malpractice. There are reasons why these medical practitioners resorts to practices which deviate from regulations and standards. These deviations can be in the form of fraud, errors, bribery or hiding a lie or a secret. When this negligence hurts a patient they can be charged with medical malpractice. A medical malpractice lawyer can help a patient to investigate, settle or justify the accident.

Medical malpractice lawyers are experts in the area of medicine. They are lawyers who have good knowledge of medical problems and medical laws. A medical practitioner accused of medical malpractice can also hire a medical malpractice lawyer

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What You Should Ask to the Medical Malpractice Lawyers

What are the things you should inquire to a medical malpractice lawyer the very moment a medical provider injured you and you are trying to look for a suitable medical malpractice lawyer? Here are some questions you can ask.

First of all, you necessitate to look for a medical malpractice lawyer who is willing, knowledgeable, and experience to actually represent you in the court. Next, you will certainly take delight on hiring a lawyer who will be honest and direct with you. Last but not the least, you should also ask how much does the lawyer charge for his or her services and how much expenses are related with the case will be disbursed.

1. Experience and knowledge. Without question, medical malpractice law cases are complex and the judges who decide regarding the cases don’t have any medical backgrounds. They are just lay individuals. You necessitate a medical malpractice lawyer who is knowledgeable enough and who understands medical treatments and is able to explicate the treatment in a typical, easy to understand words.

Make sure to take some time to research about your medical problem and ask the lawyer on what

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Find the Best Attorney by Knowing What to Consider

There will be times in our lives where we will have to encounter such problems that has something to do with the law and when we are faced through such problems, making sure that you will get through such dilemmas should be prioritized. Technically speaking, there will be a number of cases that you will find today if you are going to do your first five minutes research and one of the most common problems that you will see has something to do with personal injury cases and the need to find the right personal injury attorney should be prioritized.

So that you will be able to secure that you will land on a really great personal injury attorney, we will be naming the most important things that you should never forget to ignore when you want to have a secure find.

Technically speaking, the very first thing that you should do is to make sure that you are gathering reputable names of the personal injury attorneys since you will then start your search from there. When you have collected as much names as you can, then the next thing that

A 10-Point Plan for Solutions (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Know your State’s Automobile Accident Laws

When it comes to automobile accidents, every state has their own laws. These laws range from who is at fault for the accident to how the damages will be paid. Each issue has a law which makes it very difficult for an average person to understand how they will be affected if they are ever in an accident. If you are involved in an auto accident you should hire an accident attorney.

Often auto accident laws will deal with finding out who is at fault for the accident. Other laws deal with rewarding for damages, these will determine how much the victim needs to be compensated. There are also some laws that limit what a person can be compensated for. If you want to file your own claim you will need to have a great understanding of the auto accident laws in your state.

Before an accident ever occurs, you will need to know your state’s minimums for auto insurance and the amount you will need to carry. Driving without insurance could get you in trouble with the law, even if you are not responsible for an automobile accident. Insurance companies will be able

Elliott Frazier Law Firm, LLC Launches Brand New Legal Education Website


(Greenville, SC)—Recent statistics indicate that, in the United States, a couple divorces every 36 seconds. That’s 2,400 divorces per day and nearly 900,000 every year. Statistics also show that those who get legal help during the divorce process are more likely to come away with a fair agreement than those who don’t.

It is with these statistics in mind that Elliott Frazier Law Firm LLC, is announcing the launch of their brand new legal education website. Designed with South Carolina citizens in mind, the firm’s aim is to educate people about divorce, custody, and other Family Law issues. The site will feature in-depth site information and articles related to the family court process in South Carolina.

Angela Elliott Frazier, one of the attorneys leading this prestigious law firm, stated “while many people realize that divorce is no walk in the park, many divorcing couples are completely unaware of how the divorce process works and the legal complications that are involved in dividing assets and creating custody agreements. These issues can be exacerbated when spouses believe they aren’t being treated fairly by the other party. What our law firm hopes to do with the launch of this new website is help

David R. Price, Jr., P.A. Announces the Release of New Educational Videos


(Greenville, SC) David R. Price, Jr. announces the release of a new series of educational videos related to various legal topics, including Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Car Accidents and criminal defense. The videos discuss how insurance works, what to do following an automobile accident, how liability works within the state of South Carolina, how to determine the value of a case and much more. Individuals who take the time to watch these videos find many, if not all, of their questions are answered without the need to speak to an attorney, allowing more time during the initial consultation to discuss the case.

“Individuals often want to know if they may recover damages from a family member or what happens if their work injury was their fault. They may hesitate to contact an attorney, however, due to a desire to obtain more information before they take this step. The new video series answers these questions and numerous others and provides potential clients with information they want and need in a format most prefer,” David R. Price, Jr., spokesperson for the firm, announces.

Individuals filing a civil case in South Carolina must pay a $150 filing fee and follow all rules and